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9 Things to Know Before Getting a Hedgehog

9 Things to Know Before Getting a Hedgehog

Before getting a hedgehog there are certain things you need to know before you decide to ensure that a hedgehog will be a good fit with you and your family. If you are thinking of getting a pet hedgehog then before you commit to buy you need to consider the hedgehog’s age, potential lifespan, legality…

Do hedgehogs have tails

Do Hedgehogs Have Tails and 10 Common Questions

Perhaps because hedgehogs are nocturnal, so many people only come across them at night (or not at all), there seem to be many questions asked about their physical appearance. Do hedgehogs have tails is one such frequently asked question. Hedgehogs do have tails, although they are not easy to see because of their small size….

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Wild Hedgehog Live Streams - Wildlife Cameras

Wild Hedgehog Live Streams – Wildlife Cameras

There are a number of very good Youtube channels which feature hedgehog live streams. These are a few of my favourites. NatureTec This is probably the most well-known of all the hedgehog live streams. It is located in Recke, Germany and is run by Thomas. It has 3 live cams featuring hedgehogs as well as…

Can you keep a pet hedgehog outside

Can You Keep a Pet Hedgehog Outside?

Owning a pet can be quite special. By bringing an animal into their life, a person is signing up for a lifetime of love and joy, but with that comes plenty of responsibility for the animal’s welfare. It is possible to keep a pet hedgehog outside but this depends on the climate in the area…

Do hedgehogs need shots or other regular veterinary care

Do Hedgehogs Need Vaccines or Other Regular Veterinary Care?

Most caring new owners of pet hedgehogs, or potential owners, naturally will want to know do hedgehogs need shots or need any other regular treatments. Hedgehogs are not known to carry any diseases, such as rabies, nor are they susceptible to any diseases that are prevented by giving them shots or vaccinations. So there is…

How Big Do Pet Hedgehogs Get

How Big Do Pet Hedgehogs Get?

Hedgehogs are fast becoming a pet of choice for many individuals today. Perhaps you have been looking into getting one for yourself as a pet. If this is the case, then it is best that you find out everything there is to know about owning a pet hedgehog, as any good pet parent would. An…

Are Hedgehogs Rodents?

I guess it is easy to see why people may ask are hedgehogs rodents as their faces and other body parts do look rather rodent-like, not too dissimilar to rats actually. But that is not the case. Hedgehogs are not rodents but are mammals belonging to the Erinaceidae family (order Eulipotyphla). Although rodents are also…