Wild Hedgehog Live Streams – Wildlife Cameras

There are a number of very good Youtube channels which feature hedgehog live streams. These are a few of my favourites.

Wild Hedgehog Live Streams - Wildlife Cameras

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This is probably the most well-known of all the hedgehog live streams. It is located in Recke, Germany and is run by Thomas.

It has 3 live cams featuring hedgehogs as well as some bird feeder webcams.

There is also a nice hedgehog playlist of some of the highlights:


Wild animal and bird feeder live cam

Has many hedgehogs visiting after dark.

LIVE bird bath cam

This one points at the bird bath during the day and a different view of the hedgehog feeding station above at night.


LIVE Nestboxes

Hedgehog and bird nest cams


Hedgehoglive.net 2 webcams

Hedgehog Cam – Live Stream (hedgehoglive.net)

Hedgehog Cam – Live Stream (hedgehoglive.net)

Alan Robinson – Gresham Groundcam

This setup is in Alan’s garden in the small village of Gresham, North Norfolk, UK, 10 minutes drive from the coast. The camera faces South. Hedgehogs often visit at night with birds during he day.

I suppose I particularly like this one as my parents lived not far from here before they died.

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